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FIRST Investment Group’s  research division offers superior market insight and analysis to help investors identify key investment opportunities and associated risks that are available in the financial markets. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with thought-provoking and accurate ideas to help them achieve positive investment returns.

We offer objective “unbiased” research to our clients, complying with the highest standards of ethics and international best practices. Our research is transparent, comprehensive and logical, with “credibility” as our main objective. Over and above, we do not support a “retail buy” mentality in our research, and we maintain a full-disclosure policy, aimed at avoiding any potential conflicts of interest.

FIG research also intends on offering the additional service of filtering third-party research that provides clients with the materials they need to help shape their investment strategy, in addition to producing key technical and fundamental data as a more effective research tool. FIG research aims to guide its clients without the “sales” objective, but rather an “information-generating” goal. We cover a broad scope of individual equities primarily in the local and regional markets; however, our research extends beyond that to include international equities, bond and commodity markets, as well as local, regional and global economic and sectoral reports.

Since its establishment in May 2008, the research department has successfully completed the issuance of two market reports, namely:

  • ASE Daily Market Brief & News
  • Regional Markets Daily Performance & News

Also, in the pipeline:

  • ASE Weekly Market Brief
  • ASE Annual Performance

FIRST’S clients will be entitled to receive a number of analytical reports which indentify future catalysts that will shape companies, markets and industries and determine relative value. These include: Macroeconomic Reports, Sectoral Reports and Equity Research.

A macroeconomic report for Jordan will be released soon, providing insights into economic indicators, fiscal policy, monetary policy and external sector trends and prospects.