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Asset Management & Financial Advisory

Asset Management in additiotnto being the core business of "FIG", is considered the core strength of our business model. Our capable asset management may well be the most valuable investment service to you.

The company manages diversified portfolios differing in their time horizons, expected return and risk tolerance .These factors allow as meet the objectives of different investors as well as to provide diversified tools for the same investor thus creating diversification in our client base. We do reflect our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility the Financial Solutions presented for our cleints at all levels including the Asset Management Functions

Our Managed Portfolios and solutions combine certain characteristic that gives them distinction, mainly diversification, dynamic management which enables action to changing factors, leading to the achievement of our overriding priority of maximizing performance while managing all types of risk and maintaining an acceptable and progressive quality for our services and providing investors with absolute returns.

Portfolio Risk Management is controlled on both active and passive levels, with stop-loss as well as take-profit signals being generated with certain conviction levels. The Investment Managers’ approach to risk management is based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative factors to reduce potential for risks in extreme events.

Structured Financial Products /Structured Portfolios

Our primary goal is to help create innovative products tailored to the financial markets, and paralleled with sophisticated “risk” aversion. We aim to achieve well-diversified, sound, and easily managed financial products. Ultimately, we intend on providing conservative, yet lucrative type of investments that can be traded without liquidity barriers typically found in thin markets.

In addition to the Managed Portfolios, First Investment Group tailors investment solutions to clients based on their unique profile and Investment needs.


Investments in managed accounts should be considered in view of a larger more diversified investment portfolio. Read terms & conditions and related Risks of the Managed Portfolios carefully.

Financial Advisory

"FIG" is committed to providing its clients with prudent advice and dedicated service to help them determine their investment goals while also ensuring that these goals are reasonably achievable.

Thorough analysis of the client’s financial and demographic factors is conducted to decide upon the most appropriate diversified financial plan that best suits the client’s investment objectives, liquidity needs, investment horizon, and risk tolerance. Periodic reviews are also undertaken to check for any misalignment and/or changes in the client’s situation. If any such deviation is found, the strategies and goals in the financial plan are revised accordingly.

Your account will be reviewed regularly with you and you will receive detailed reports

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