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Company Overview

Established towards the end of 2004, First Investment Group "FIG" is a limited liability company with operations that date back to 2005 when a group of investment professionals took over the small-size brokerage house and turned it into a successful investment organization offering a wide array of investment services.

Amid aims to finance the growth of its operations in the regional and international markets,�"FIG"�was keen to gradually increase its capital from JOD1 million at establishment in 2004 to reach JD9.3 million at the 2007.

Based on FIG" Outlook anticipating a slowing economy and down trending market and foreseeing the new cycle negative effects, Capital stand now JD 4 million.

In addition to owning a seat in Amman Stock Exchange and being licensed By Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to offer Brokerage Services, additional licensing terms were met thus enabling the company to present Margin Trading, Asset Management Services and Financial Advisory Services to its’ clients .