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First in a Glimpse

First Investment Group distinguishes itself as a unique investment brokerage firm which offers a multi-investment corridor for Jordan, the surrounding Middle East States in the region as well as the International Markets. All our clients; institutional and individuals are able to take advantage of three primary benefits that we offer.

First: Financial Services tailored to accommodate the investment markets in equities and derivatives as per the applicable regulations.

Second: Non-biased Research to be conducted and delivered on site, with a “hands on” approach.

Third: Create and develop Structured Financial Vehicles and instruments designed to attract capital, and establish a solid investment foundation. All three benefits would be transparent, and in full compliance of the industry standards; furthermore, a “no conflict of interest” common denominator would be a key objective in this entire structure.

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last update: 26-09-2011
APCT 0.17 Up-arrow 6.25%
MDTR 2.10 Up-arrow 5.00%
REAL 1.29 Up-arrow 4.88%
ALFA 2.03 Up-arrow 4.64%
ITSC 1.36 Up-arrow 4.62%
last update: 26-09-2011
ARED 0.12 Down-arrow -7.69%
UAIC 0.13 Down-arrow -7.14%
MECE 0.17 Down-arrow -5.56%
THMA 0.38 Down-arrow -5.00%
SPTI 0.76 Down-arrow -5.00%
last update: 26-09-2011
MECE 4,769,624 Down-arrow -5.56%
SECO 4,097,580 Stable 0.00%
RJAL 980,119 Down-arrow -4.08%
THMA 940,684 Down-arrow -5.00%
TAMR 914,507 Down-arrow -2.63%
last update: 26-09-2011
SECO 1,245,278 Stable 0.00%
RJAL 935,730 Down-arrow -4.08%
MECE 813,577 Down-arrow -5.56%
UINV 622,725 Down-arrow -2.67%
JNTH 448,070 Down-arrow -3.45%