1. About First Investment Group

First Investment Group (FIG) is a leading financial investments firm in the Middle East. FIG was founded in founded in 2004 and since then FIG has remained independent and employee-owned. Our investment firm is built on trust, integrity and professional experience.

2. About How to become a client

Our mission is to help our clients by tailoring a financial plan that is specific to their needs. We will work with you along the way to achieve your financial goals, all you need to is reach out to us by email, phone or social media and we will serve your needs.

3. About First Online Services

We work in national, regional and international Markets. We will allocate assets from all over the globe to execute the financial plan that we will tailor for your specific needs. In addition to owning a seat in Amman Stock Exchange and being licensed By Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to offer BROKERAGE SERVICES, additional licensing terms were met thus enabling the company to present Margin Trading, ASSET MANAGEMENT SERVICES and FINANCIAL ADVISORY SERVICES to its’ clients .