About Us

Management Team

FIG employs a highly-qualified team of individuals with superior academic and professional caliber, Members of our team are well-recognized for their technical expertise, intelligence, creativity, teamwork and motivation to succeed. The company supports its employees, aiming to help focus their efforts to meet common objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

FIG encourages a vibrant and competitive working environment, where qualified and energetic professionals are given the tools to create value. We also promote teamwork across all business divisions, encouraging professionals to work together to deliver value to customers.

FIG also advocates vocational training and skills development by facilitating a range of standard and customized educational and training programs at the various levels of the organization, We aim to boost employees’ expertise and technical know-how. Employees are FIG most valuable assets, who contributed to the success of the company since its establishment and continue to do so to this day. These individuals provide FIG with a competitive edge over its peers, and hence enable it to seize a good market share.