About Us

Company Overview

Established towards the end of 2004, First Investment Group "FIG" is a limited liability company with operations that date back to 1996 when a group of investment professionals took over the small-size brokerage house and turned it into a successful multi-million-dollar investment organization offering a wide array of investment services.

Since our founding in 2004, FIG has remained independent and employee-owned. Our investment firm is built on trust, integrity and professional experience. We bring a proven 15+ year track record to the wealth management services we provide to our clients. In recognition of our steady guidance and success, we were one of the top 10 Financial Advisors in the Middle East.

We strive to provide personalized client service and are uncompromising in our efforts to deliver superior results to clients.

FIG has assembled an investment team of experts with diverse, specialized knowledge. We are adept at navigating challenging market environments and developing customized solutions.