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Online Services

FIRST online Services provide the clients with easy to use secure and reliable online access. The services are free, user friendly and convenient. They allow access 24 hours/day, 7days/week from any PC with an internet connection.

Clients can view a variety of updated information on all their accounts with the company including trading accounts in all markets, related portfolios and holdings as well as managed portfolios, thus allowing for better account management. They can submit their requests thus ensuring precise communication and better time management. Online Trading Features support swift and accurate execution of the clients’ orders.

When utilizing the Online services, you should, at all times, follow the General Rules to safeguard your computer and your personal information.

FIRST provides three types of Online services:

  1. Account and Portfolio Inquiry Related Services.
  2. Clients Online Requests Services.
  3. Research & News.
  4. Online Trading Services.

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Account and Portfolio Inquiry Related Services:

Clients who subscribe to the online Services enjoy access to a variety of services including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Balance inquiry, with detailed transactions.
  2. Summary of balances for all clients’ accounts in all currencies.
  3. Summary of balances.
  4. Online Access for clients portfolios with detailed transactions on each portfolio.
  5. detailed account statement for periods as requested by the client.
  6. ROR on Managed Portfolios.
  7. Products fees & commissions list will be available for all clients.

*Obtain Online Access to Account information

Clients Online Requests Services

  • Additional Account opening request
  • Change Account information
  • Deposit Confirmation Form
  • Account Statement Request
  • Check/Draft Issuance Request in Account currency
  • Check/Draft Issuance Request in Jordanian Dinars
  • Stocks’ Transfer to portfolio at FIRST Request
  • Stocks’ Transfer to portfolio at the Depository Center Request
  • External Fund Transfer Request
  • Fund Transfer Request in Jordanian Dinars
  • Transfer between Accounts Request
  • Standing Order Request
  • Feedback Form
  • Fees & commissions List
  • Apply for Online Trading Services

*Obtain Online Access to Account information

Research & News

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Online Trading Services

Aiming to constantly support the services presented to its clients; FIRST is among the first Brokerage houses in Jordan to provide its clients with Online Trading capabilities. Currently, the service is an Online Client/Broker Trading Service. Upon finalization of Amman Stock Exchange rules and regulations the service will be Client /Market thus allowing clients to place their orders directly to the exchange.

The Online Trading Guidelines and the Online Trading Manual will give you a comprehensive idea about the applicable rules, the related risks as well as the system handling.

From a single window, you can watch live streaming quotes, place trade orders, as well as check on your portfolio .You can place market orders as well as limit orders.

You can easily track your stock prices online live in real time. Furthermore, you can create and follow watch lists of your favorite stocks and track their prices and news in real time.

Chart your favorite stocks and watch their price movement.

Click here to apply for the Online Trading.