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About Us


Our vision is to be the leading Arab investment organization competing within a high level of the industry standards at both the regional and international levels.


  • Providing our clients with innovative, professional and diversified investment solutions as well as global opportunities, that meet their personalized investment needs and objectives.
  • Endorsing the culture that promotes high ethical standard of our people; team work, confidentiality, dedication and career advancement depending on merits.
  • Complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws, rules and ethical principles of internationally recognized regulatory bodies.
  • Emphasizing fair dealing with comparators and suppliers as well as pioneering practices and techniques to become standard in the industry.
  • Maximizing shareholders value; through enhancing profitability, capital structure and significant employee stock ownership.

Company Overview

Established towards the end of 2004, First Investment Group (FIG) is a limited liability company with operations that date back to 2005 when a group of investment professionals took over a small size brokerage house and turned it into a successful investment organization offering a wide array of investment services.

Amid aims to finance the growth of its operations in the regional and international markets, FIG was keen to gradually increase its capital from JOD1 million at establishment in 2004 to reach JD9.3 million at the end of 2007. Consequent to the capital increases and the accumulation of retained earnings over the past 3 years, shareholders’ equity grew from JD5.8 million at the end of 2005 to JD9.7 million in 2006, and reaching JD11.9 million at 2007 year-end, thus representing a growth of 106% between 2005 and 2007.

In addition to owning a seat in Amman Stock Exchange and being licensed By Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) to offer Brokerage Services. Additional licensing terms were met thus enabling the company to present Margin Trading , Asset Management Services and Financial Advisory Services to its’ clients.

Corporate Governance

First Investment Group, its Board of Directors and its’ owners believe in and commit to good corporate governance as a critical factor in achieving business success.

The company is dedicated to doing business in accordance with the highest standards of ethics. FIG, its directors, officers and employees endeavor to promote the highest international standards of corporate governance by observing and maintaining its core business principles of accountability, integrity, fairness and transparency in their relationships among themselves and with the company’s clients, competitors, business partners, regulators and the public.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the most senior corporate body with ultimate responsibility for the strategy and direction of the company. The Board as well as the owners supports the company in its growth, diversity and business vision.

  • Chairman: Mr. Marouf Othman Abu Samra A prominent business man, Chairman of Transport and Investment Barter Co (NAQL) PLC. Chairman of the Board of International Barter Co. Board Member of AWTAD For Real Estate Financial Investments PLC an experienced investor in different financial markets.
  • Vice Chairman: Transport and Investment Barter Co (NAQL) PLC
  • Member: International Professional Leaders

Management Team

FIG employs a highly-qualified team of superior academic and professional caliber, well-recognized for its technical expertise, intelligence, creativity, teamwork and motivation to succeed.

The company provides its employees with well-defined job descriptions, aiming to help focus their efforts to meet common objectives in an effective and efficient manner.

FIG encourages a vibrant and competitive working environment, where qualified and energetic professionals are given the tools to create value.

It also promotes teamwork across all business divisions, encouraging professionals to work together to deliver value to customers.

FIG also advocates vocational training and skills development by offering a range of standard and customized educational and training programs at the various levels of the organization, aimed to boost its employees’ expertise and technical know-how.

Employees are FIG’s most valuable assets, who contributed to the success of the company since its establishment, providing it with a competitive edge over its peers, and hence enabling it to seize a good market share. Recognizing this,

Corporate Structure

Since its establishment late in 2004, First Investment Group management pursued a sustainable business development strategy aimed at maximizing shareholders value and boosting profitability.

The company’s executive committee was successful in laying the cornerstone for a well established investment company geared towards achieving sustainable growth, by effectively managing the company’s resources to strike a balance between risk and return.

Various risk control measures are in place to monitor and manage key risk factors across all business segments in line with international best practices and abiding by the Jordan Securities Commission’s rules and regulations.

Compliance and Risk Management are constant pillars that support our continuity and the achievement of our vision. Know your client KYC and AML Principles are at the core of the policies set by the company.

See our Corporate Structure.

First Investment Group is 43% owned by its Executive Management team and 47% by institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

External Auditors: Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines aim to positively affect our stakeholders; shareholders, clients and employees’ .We behave as a responsible corporate citizen. We, both as a corporation and through our people strive to contribute positively and actively to the communities where we do business. We implement a range of initiatives aiming to the communities in which we live and work.